2010 NSF Information, Integration and Informatics Workshop


The growth in scale, diversity and complexity of data has increased the demand for understanding large amount of heterogeneous data. The Information Integration and Informatics (III) program focuses on the processes and technologies involved in creating, managing, visualizing, and understanding this heterogeneous data. Given the III focus, the workshop goals include:

Analyzing and focusing on the research and development issues of problems that are fundamental in making progress toward understanding complex data;

Specifying current and new areas where major breakthroughs appear possible;
Identifying needed collaborations (e.g., inter-disciplinary, academic-industry); and
Identifying research initiatives and facilities needed to meet current and future challenges.

In addition, conference participants will share accomplishments, provide demonstrations and interact with each other. They will also discuss the objectives, contributions and challenges of major research activities funded by the Information, Integration and Informatics program. Finally, the workshop will provide participants an opportunity to explore fruitful collaboration and synergism.

April 22-23, 2010
Rosslyn, VA