June 2012


Mobile Apps and Privacy to be the First Issue Considered in the White House Plan for Enforceable Privacy Codes of Conduct

Future of Privacy Forum has applauded the The Commerce Department’s National Telecommunications and Information Administration’s decision to focus on mobile apps as the first issue to tackle in the upcoming multistakeholder process. In an op-ed, published yesterday in Politico, FPF’s Jules Polonetsky and Chris Wolf explain what the multistakeholder process will mean for industry representatives, […]


Smart Consent Form

Model Short Consent Form Click above to see what a model short consent form for a hypothetical smart water heater could look like.


Facebook Agrees to California's Mobile App Privacy Plan

Facebook recently signed California’s Joint Statement of Principles, first announced in February 2012 and signed by six other app store providers: Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Hewlett-Packard, and Research in Motion. Upon launching their App Center, Facebook already required apps to provide notifications and hyperlink to a privacy policy.  Per the agreement, Facebook apps that collect personal […]