PrivacySmart Seal Powered by TRUSTe Awards First Smart Grid Seal



The PowerTools app by Candi Controls is now available for customers to download on their mobile devices and it allows them to check energy use, set goals, and track patterns relating to energy use. Data is being made available by San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) utilizing their Green Button Connect My Data platform. Companies that are awarded the seal are able to display it at SDG&E’s web portal where consumers can choose to enable third party services.

Candi Controls is the first to receive certification under the Future of Privacy Forum – TRUSTed Smart Grid Privacy Program. This user-friendly tool for customers to analyze their energy use is exactly what the seal program is meant to enable. The self-regulatory program certifies that companies seeking to access energy information are doing so with the express consent of consumers.

If you are a company offering home energy management, remote home control or security, smart thermostats and other services that seek to access consumer energy data, you can find out more by contacting the Future of Privacy Forum at [email protected].

More details about the program are also available at