March 2013


How Obscurity Could Help the Right To Fail

In a post on [email protected], David Hoffman explains why Internet obscurity can help the “Right to Fail.”  Absent providing individuals with “a sphere of privacy where they know they can make mistakes,” society may make it impossible for individuals to pursue ideas that “challenge the status quo” and are needed “to break away from conformity […]


Increasing Calls for a Big Data Dialog

Big Data promises to open new doors to curing diseases, cleaning the environment, and easing life’s burdens, but is it opening too many doors?  Writing for The New York Times on Sunday, Steve Lohr suggested that the privacy challenges posed by Big Data are so large that it might trump any potential benefits.  The surveillance […]


Big Data and Privacy: Making Ends Meet Conference

Solutions to many pressing economic and societal challenges may be found in better understanding data, from safer cities to cleaner air, but as the amount and variety of data collection continues to increase, our data-driven society also poses serious concerns about infringements on privacy.  The need for a way forward is evident, and both corporate […]