Comments for the FTC’s Workshop on "Internet of Things"


FPF today offered comments to the FTC in advance of a public workshop on new security and privacy issues presented by growing networks of connected devices.  Commonly referred to as the “Internet of Things,” these physical devices range from appliances and vehicles to our smart phones, and present an elaborate array of objects that capture, share, and use data.

The Internet of Things has been a focus of FPF’s work since our founding, starting with our original project on the Smart Grid and continuing to our recent projects on Connected Cars and Smart Stores.  While connected, smart devices provide many benefits, new ways to protect consumer privacy may need to be explored.  Connected devices present circumstances where our traditional Fair Information Practice Principles (FIPPs) may not be available or practical.  Codes of conduct, seals and other public-facing and enforceable commitments are examples of how to address the privacy issues in the Internet of Things.

Our full set of comments is available to read here.