FPFcast: Talking Big Data with Professor Chris Hoofnagle


In advance of the Future of Privacy Forum and the Stanford Center for Internet & Society’s event on “Big Data and Privacy,” we spoke with Professor Chris Hoofnagle about his essay How the Fair Credit Reporting Act Regulates Big Data.  In his essay, Professor Hoofnagle points out that consumer reporting achieved “big data” status decades ago, and he cautions while use-based regulations could provide more transparency and due process, they did not create adequate accountability in the context of consumer reporting.

“In the FCRA context, use based approaches produced systemic unaccountability, errors that cause people financial harm, and business externalities passed off as crimes,” he argues.

In this podcast, FPF’s Joseph Jerome talks to Professor Hoofnagle about lessons learned from the FCRA and what that means in the context of Big Data.

Click on the media player above to listen, or download the complete podcast here.  Professor Hoofnagle’s paper is available to read here.