FPFcast: Talking Consumer Subject Review Boards with Ryan Calo


[audio http://fpf.org/wp-content/uploads/FPFCast.Calo_.mp3]

In advance of the Future of Privacy Forum and the Stanford Center for Internet & Society’s event on “Big Data and Privacy” next month, we spoke with Professor Ryan Calo about his essay Consumer Subject Review Boards — A Thought Experiment.  Professor Calo looks at how institutional review boards (IRBs) were put in place to ensure ethical human testing standards, and suggests a similar framework could be brought to bear on Big Data projects.

In this podcast, FPF’s Joseph Jerome talks to Professor Calo about “Consumer Subject Review Boards” and we also discuss Professor’s Calo recent scholarship on digital market manipulation.  

Click on the media player above to listen, or download the complete podcast here.  More about digital market manipulation is available on SSRN.