Japan Approved to Participate in APEC’s Cross-Border Privacy Rules System


The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (“APEC”) has approved Japan as its newest participant in the Cross-Border Privacy Rules (CBPR) system. The CBPR system is a voluntary program that establishes a baseline privacy certification process for the transfer of personal data among the 21 APEC member countries. To date, the United States, Mexico, and Japan have joined; meanwhile Canada recently committed to participating.

To be approved as a participant in the CBPR system, countries must submit a letter of intent to participate, and must fulfill other requirements, such as declaring an intent to make use of APEC-approved “Accountability Agents.” The countries must also describe their laws and enforcement mechanisms related to the protection of personal data. The letters are reviewed by the CBPR Joint Oversight Panel, which determines whether the country may participate.

“The participation of Japan to the CBPR system will make the system stronger, and will provide a key anchor in the Pacific for this regional system,” said FPF Policy Director Josh Harris. FPF is engaged in a series of efforts across the Asia Pacific to promote a more streamlined privacy landscape. FPF is currently working with the United States Department of Commerce and the Federal Trade Commission to provide technical assistance to interested APEC countries, and to advance this initiative through strategic partnerships with key industry stakeholders in each country.