Beyond IRBs: Designing Ethical Review Processes for Big Data Research


Beyond IRBs graphic image
Kicking off a great event this morning, Beyond IRBs: Designing Ethical Review Processes for Big Data Research, with over 60 of the country’s top academics and industry researchers. Thoughtful Key Note remarks from Professor Ryan Calo, from the University of Washington School of Law, have framed the conversation today around how best to create incentives in the private sector to work with privacy-conscious consumers, and how to learn from the criticisms of IRBs while benefiting from the wisdom of traditional models.

Our morning Firestarters, Joshua Fairfield and Margaret Hu, Professors at Washington & Lee School of Law, are now bringing the Workshop into full swing with a provocative guided discussion around the ethical obligations of informed consent to privacy policies.

For more information about the Workshop, visit our website for the event: Beyond IRBs: Designing Ethical Review Processes for Big Data Research.
Professor Ryan Calo, University of Washington School of Law
Jules Polonetsky, Executive Director, Future of Privacy Forum