Supporting Parental Choice for Student Data


Kids at the library

Today, the Future of Privacy Forum (FPF) released Supporting Parental Choice for Student Data. The paper discusses the importance of trusting parents to make the final decision on when and where to share their child’s educational information outside of the school environment.

The paper acknowledges valid concerns – that parents may not realize or understand everything they’ve been asked to share, to whom the data will be sent, or all the purposes the data can be used for.  However, it asserts that the right solution is not to completely prohibit parental consent and make it illegal, but simply to make it rigorous and informed, and to ensure any data shared will only be used for expressly authorized purposes.

Parents, as those most in-tune with their individual child’s needs, have the right to be an active partner and make the final decision about additional sharing and use of their child’s information.

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