September 24th in Detroit, MI: Data and Privacy for Autonomous Vehicles



Join the Future of Privacy Forum and PwC for a roundtable: “Data and Privacy for Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous vehicles are positioned to transform the future of mobility—a change enabled by new on-board sensors that collect and transmit growing types and quantities of data. While the existence of data in vehicles is not entirely new, autonomous vehicles promise an explosion in the variety, connectivity, volume of such data—raising new and unique considerations around what happens with it. As the automotive industry becomes more data-driven, getting consumer privacy right will become increasingly important.

Monday, September 24, 2018 from 1:30 PM to 4:30 PM in Detroit, Michigan

Industry leaders will discuss:

  • Mapping, Geolocation, and Video Data: What unique considerations may need to be applied to these compilations of high resolution and potentially sensitive data—of both the inside and outside of vehicles?
  • Monitoring of Vehicles, Drivers, and Passengers: What are best practices for fleet monitoring to ensure safety and cleanliness of vehicles while preserving passenger privacy?
  • Data Sharing: Given that many consider data sharing crucial to AV development, what considerations should be taken into account around how to do so while protecting privacy – both among industry, with municipalities, and with researchers?
  • Law Enforcement Access: How do we balance access during exigent circumstances and through legal process with enhanced sensitivities around mobility data?
  • Changing Expectations of Privacy: Do consumers’ expectations of privacy diminish in the post-ownership, shared vehicle model? How should we think about privacy considerations for members of the public whose movements may be tracked with the externally-facing videos or mapping that may be common with AVs?

These are all early-stage questions, so we are convening industry leaders for an off-the-record discussion on how to tackle these issues moving forward.

Please contact Lauren Smith at [email protected] to request an invitation.