New “Privacy 101” Video Series Helps School District Leaders Protect Student Data


WASHINGTON, D.C. – In recognition of Safer Internet Day, the Future of Privacy Forum (FPF) today released a new “Student Privacy 101” video series that is designed to help school leaders better understand federal and state privacy laws and protect sensitive student data.

“As technology becomes increasingly prevalent in the classroom, faculty, administrators, and district leaders could benefit from a quick and easy guide to understanding how they can help reduce privacy risks and improve transparency around student data,” said FPF Director of Youth & Education Privacy Amelia Vance. “FPF’s new videos provide an animated overview of best practices and tips on how schools can protect student privacy.”

The “Student Privacy 101” video series includes:

  • An introductory video that previews the challenges and opportunities around collecting and safeguarding student data in the digital age.
  • A short video on legal compliance, providing concise information about the requirements and role of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA);
  • A brief overview of the most common privacy risks and how to avoid them.
  • A discussion on transparency, including advice on collecting community feedback, and engaging and informing parents about a school’s data collection practices.

Vance added, “Safer Internet Day reminds companies to examine how they can use technology more responsibly in support a better Internet experience for everyone, with a special focus on advancing positive practices that protect children and young people under 18. As one of the nation’s leading think tanks focused on privacy issues, FPF is a proud supporter of Safer Internet Day and works to provide year-round resources that support a culture of data security.”

FPF also published a new blog post celebrating Safer Internet Day today with additional information and resources about how schools can protect children’s data privacy.

The video series is based on the Siegl Framework⁠—developed by Jim Siegl, the Technology Architect at Fairfax County Public Schools in Virginia⁠—which advises local education agencies to consider the Venn diagram of legal compliance, privacy and security risks, and perception risks when working on student privacy.

The series was created by Monica Bulger, David Sallay, and Amelia Vance, with the animation magic and brilliance of Thought Café.

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