Big Data & Privacy: Workshop Paper Collection

> Big Data & Privacy: Workshop Paper Collection

The following are a collection of papers submitted in advance of the Future of Privacy Forum and the Stanford Center for Internet & Society’s “Big Data and Privacy: Making Ends Meet” workshop.  This collection addresses some of the following key questions: Does big data present new challenges, or is it simply the latest incarnation of the data regulation debate? Does big data create fundamentally novel opportunities that civil liberties concerns need to accommodate? Can de-identification and other technological or administrative controls sufficiently minimize privacy risks? What roles should privacy concepts like consent, context, and data minimization play in a big data world? What lessons can be applied from other fields?
Download the complete collection as a PDF.
New Frameworks for Thinking About “Big Data”
It’s Not Privacy & It’s Not Fair
Deirdre Mulligan & Cynthia Dwork
Three Paradoxes of Big Data
Neil Richards & Jonathan King
Revisiting the 2000 Stanford Symposium in Light of Big Data
William McGeveran
Privacy & Big Data: Making Ends Meet
Jules Polonetsky & Omer Tene
Video of a panel discussing new frameworks featuring Martin Abrams, Deirdre Mulligan, Neil Richards, Omer Tene, Erik Jones, and moderated by Jules Polonetsky is available to watch online.
Social Ramifications of Big Data
Buying and Selling Privacy: Big Data’s Different Burdens and Benefits
Joseph Jerome
Big Data and Its Exclusions
Jonas Lerman
Relational Big Data
Karen Levy
Big Data in Small Hands
Evan Selinger & Woodrow Hartzog
Government Use of Big Data

Managing the Muddled Mass of Big Data
Susan Freiwald
Prediction, Preemption, Presumption
Ian Kerr & Jessica Earle
New Legal Regimes for Data Governance
Why Collection Matters: Surveillance as a De Facto Privacy Harm
Justin Brookman & G.S. Hans
Consumer Subject Review Boards — A Thought Experiment
Ryan Calo
The Glass House Effect
Dennis Hirsch
How the Fair Credit Reporting Act Regulates Big Data
Chris Hoofnagle
Big Data Threats
Felix Wu

Technological Solutions – and Challenges
Public v. Non-public Data: The Benefits of Administrative Controls
Yianni Lagos
Privacy Substitutes
Jonathan Mayer & Arvind Narayanan
Big Data: A Pretty Good Privacy Solution
Ira Rubinstein

Other Selected Papers

Big Data Analytics: Evolving Business Models and Global Privacy Regulation
Peter Leonard
Big Data and the “New” Privacy Tradeoff
Robert Sloan & Richard Warner
Cloud Computing and Trans-border Law Enforcement Access to Private Sector Data. Challenges to Sovereignty, Privacy and Data Protection
Paul De Hert & Gertjan Boulet
Has Katz Become Quaint? Use of Big Data to Outflank the 4th Amendment
Jeffrey Vagle
Mo’ Data, Mo’ Problems? Personal Data Mining and the Challenge to the Data Minimization Principle
Liane Colonna
Policy Frameworks to Enable Big Health Data
Deven McGraw
Privacy in a Post-Regulatory World: Lessons from the Online Safety Debates
Adam Thierer
Regulating the Man Behind the Curtain
Christina Gagnier
S-M-L-XL Data
Michael Birnhack
Taming the Beast: Big Data and the Role of Law
Patrick Eggimann & Aurelia Tamò