April 8, 2009 | FPF Staff

FPF Welcomes New Sponsors

We are thrilled to formally welcome today several additional sponsors. AOL, eBay, Facebook, Intel, The Nielsen Company, Verizon and Yahoo have joined AT&T as supporters of the Future of Privacy Forum and will be working with us on an exciting research project. Stay tuned for more details to come very soon about this project, as […]


March 17, 2009 | FPF Staff

White House Cookies: Proposed Practices For Government Agencies Seeking to Optimize Web sites while Ensuring Citizen Privacy

In January, the Future of Privacy Forum released a set of priorities for the new administration. Among the issues we raised was the need to update the old Office of Management and Budget policy which severely limits agencies from using permanent cookies to optimize Web sites. No “” or “” unless you log in each time, no shopping carts […]


March 13, 2009 | FPF Staff

The Path to Transparency

Saul Hansell of the NY Times does a good job describing Google’s new behavioral advertising features. I would add one more company, WPP’s Safecount, to the list of those showing user’s their profiles. Safecount is in the research/analytics business, not directly in behavioral ad business, which is probably why Saul didn’t include them. However, the […]


March 12, 2009 | FPF Staff

IAPP Cheers & Jeers Panel Survey Results

Recently, Chris and Jules hosted a panel discussion at the International Association of Privacy Professionals Privacy Summit 09. The panel entitled, “Cheers & Jeers: Who is Doing Privacy Right and Who Deserves Detention” featured a survey of information comprised of input from a preliminary online survey of privacy professionals. Members of the audience then voted on good and bad practices in which various organizations and corporations are currently engaging. At the end of the session Chris and Jules announced the “cheer” and “jeer” that received the most votes. You can find all of the survey results below.


March 5, 2009 | FPF Staff

Invest in privacy professionals to reclaim trust

By Trevor Hughes, executive director, International Association of Privacy Professionals The enormous international focus on privacy is growing more urgent in the face of business and government pressure to get the economy moving again and restore trust in our most basic institutions. To help rebuild trust and bolster bottom lines in a down market, it […]


March 4, 2009 | FPF Staff

Persistent Opt-Out Cookies

Future of Privacy Forum Applauds Yahoo for Enhancing Consumer Control of Cookies FPF Co-Chairman and Director Jules Polonetsky today issued the following statement in reaction to Yahoo’s announcement that it would refresh the opt-out preferences of users across different computers and browsers, and re-set a new opt-out cookie if a user inadvertently deleted their opt-out […]


February 15, 2009 | FPF Staff

After search, ad-serving logfiles.

Last week the major search engines presented before the Article 29 Working Party of European data regulators. Brendon Lynch of Microsoft had this handy chart which gave an overview of how the companies handle search data. One thing I haven’t seen discussed is how companies are – or are not – handling the very tricky […]


February 12, 2009 | Jules Polonetsky

Privacy and Personalization

Reaction to the FTC Staff Report: Self-Regulatory Principles for Online Behavioral Advertising Industry has been left with a very narrow window to prove that they can offer users both privacy and personalization. The guidelines proposed are both technically feasible and business practical, but do require businesses to do more to ensure that consumers are equal […]


February 11, 2009 | FPF Staff

No More Spammy FaceBook Apps

Remember all those FaceBook Apps that would spam users or trick you into spamming your friends when you downloaded them? FaceBook cracked down on them long ago, pretty much puttting a stop to the egregious behaviors that were messing with the user experience. Of course, some application developers have sought to work around the new […]


February 11, 2009 | FPF Staff

White House New Media Team Grows

Good news for those of us who want to see the White House leading savvy but privacy smart efforts to use social media! Bev has done some great work at and with the Federal Web Manager’s Council and now joins the White House New Media team.