Data Privacy Day 2024

> Data Privacy Day 2024

Data Privacy Day (or Data Protection Day in Europe) is held annually on January 28, a day to internationally promote best practices surrounding consumer privacy and data protection. Join the Future of Privacy Forum in recognizing this significant day by sharing the importance of data privacy. There are many ways you can protect your personal data and control how it is shared and used.

FPF LinkedIn Lives

This week on LinkedIn Live! Don’t miss timely conversations on the EU AI Act and the recent FTC settlement on sensitive locations data. 

FPF Experts Participate in Data Privacy Day Panels

FPF staff are sharing their expert knowledge at panels and virtual events throughout the week prior to, during, and after. Below is a list of these speaking engagements:

FPF Experts Campaign

Our experts are sharing their thoughts on key 2024 trends to watch out for and the biggest developments they saw in 2023! Read predictions for the APAC region, insights into the California AADC, our take on the depreciation of tracking cookies, insights surrounding DPA action and AI, our view on state and local engagement on consumer privacy, our take on generative AI, insights into edtech and COPPA, predictions for immersive tech, issues we expect to see in Africa in 2024, and predictions following the implementation of India’s PDPA, and more.

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