Elise Berkower Memorial Fellow

> Elise Berkower Memorial Fellow

Job Title:
Elise Berkower Memorial Fellow
Reports To:
Vice President of Policy
Expected Start Date:
September 2020
About Us:
FPF works to advance responsible data practices. Staffed with experts in law, technology, and public policy, FPF operates on the belief that technological innovation and new uses of data can help solve big societal problems and improve lives. Technological innovation must be accompanied by fresh privacy thinking, so that it is possible to build a world where technological innovation and privacy can coexist. We work to reach consensus on ethical norms, policies, and business practices to address new privacy challenges. This Fellowship is designed to equip recent law school graduates with the skills to succeed in the privacy law profession, and to provide private and public employers with privacy professionals of exceptional knowledge, understanding, and commitment to privacy and individuals.
General Overview:
The Elise Berkower Fellowship was established in memory of Elise Berkower with support from the Nielsen Foundation. Elise was a senior privacy executive at global measurement and data analytics company Nielsen for nearly a decade and was a valued, longtime member of the FPF Advisory Board. The fellowship is a one-year, public interest position for recent law school graduates committed to the advancement of responsible data practices. Candidates are selected based on both academic qualifications and a commitment to the personal qualities exemplified by Elise – collaboration with co-workers, peers and the broader privacy community and a commitment to ethical conduct.
The Elise Berkower Fellow focuses on consumer and commercial privacy issues, from technology-specific areas such as advertising practices, drones, wearables, connected cars, and student privacy, to general data management and privacy issues related to ethics, de-identification, algorithms, and the Internet of Things.
The position is located in FPF’s offices in Washington DC. The position is hosted by the FPF Education and Innovation Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization.
Responsibilities include a variety of activities including:

Position Requirements:

Application Materials:
Please submit a cover letter and resume to [email protected].