Annual Advisory Board Meeting

Protected: 12th Annual Advisory Board Meeting 2021

FPF Advisory Board Members by Invite Only September 23 @ 10:00am - 5:30pm (ET)


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10:00 am –
11:00 am

Optional Coffee & Networking Chat 

More details to come

More details to come

11:00 am –
12:00 pm

Opening Keynote Session 

Introductory remarks from Jules Polonetsky, a review of FPF’s work the past year and goals for next, followed by remarks from our keynote presenter – Azeem Azhar.

Azeem Azhar – Founder, Exponential View

12:00 pm –
12:30 pm


12:30 pm –
1:30 am

Panel I -Data & the Future of Advertising 

Hear from key advocacy/civil society folks on what the future of ad tech should look like, what should be considered, and what the path forward should be.


  • Christy Harris, FPF 
  • Rob van Eijk, FPF 
  • Justin Brookman, Consumer Reports 
  • Ariel Fox Johnson, Common Sense Media 

1:30 am –
2:00 pm


2:00 pm –
3:00 pm

Breakout Roundtable Discussion Topics 

Members will pre-select their roundtable breakout group from one of the topics below.


TOPIC 1 – Organizational Privacy

TOPIC 2 – Global Regulation (Outside EU / APAC)

TOPIC 3 – Global Regulation (Europe)




3:00 pm –
4:00 pm

Panel II – Civil Rights & Data Privacy Legislation

How should a federal privacy law address issues of discrimination, racial justice, and bias in the collection and use of personal information? In recent years, civil rights has been increasingly framed as a bedrock issue for privacy law, but is often not well understood in the data protection community. What do privacy experts need to understand about how civil rights protections should be preserved, extended, or integrated into privacy law? We will explore these issues with leading civil rights experts who are influencing the privacy debate.

Details to come

4:00 pm –
4:15 pm


4:15 pm –
5:30 pm



More details to come!


Azeem Azhar

Founder, Exponential View

Azeem Azhar is an entrepreneur, investor and author.

He is the founder of Exponential View, the leading newsletter and podcast for in-depth tech analysis. Exponential View explores the political economy of the Exponential Age. It reaches more than 200,000 readers around the world.

He is also an active startup investor, with investments in AI, work-from-home and climate change.

He is on the board of the Ada Lovelace Institute and sits on the World Economic Forum’s Global Futures Council on Digital Economy & Society, on the board of the Ada Lovelace Institute. Previously, he founded PeerIndex, a big data analytics firm acquired in 2015. He has had senior roles in global media businesses and started his career as a journalist where he was a writer for The Economist and The Guardian.

In 2020, he co-authored the State of Climate Tech, a global analysis of venture capital trends in climate change investing, with PwC.

His first book, Exponential, which explores the transition to the Exponential Age will be published in autumn of 2021.

Justin Brookman

Director of Consumer Privacy and Technology Policy, Consumer Reports

Justin Brookman is the Director of Consumer Privacy and Technology Policy for Consumer Reports. Justin is responsible for helping the organization continue its groundbreaking work to shape the digital marketplace in a way that empowers consumers and puts their data privacy and security needs first. This work includes using CR research to identify critical gaps in consumer privacy, data security, and technology law and policy. Justin also builds strategies to expand the use and influence of the Digital Standard, developed by CR and partner organizations to evaluate the privacy and security of products and services.

Prior to joining CR, Brookman was Policy Director of the Federal Trade Commission’s Office of Technology Research and Investigation. At the FTC, Brookman conducted and published original research on consumer protection concerns raised by emerging technologies such as cross-device tracking, smartphone security, and the internet of things. He also helped to initiate and investigate enforcement actions against deceptive or unfair practices, including actions against online data brokers and digital tracking companies.

He previously served as Director of Consumer Privacy at the Center for Democracy & Technology, a digital rights nonprofit, where he coordinated the organization’s advocacy for stronger protections for personal information in the U.S. and Europe.

Ariel Fox Johnson

Senior Counsel for Global Policy, Common Sense Media

Ariel Fox Johnson is Senior Counsel for Global Policy at Common Sense Media, where she advocates for smart practices, policies, and rules to help all kids thrive in today’s wired world. Her work focuses on enhancing family privacy rights, strengthening students’ educational privacy, and promoting robust consumer protections in the online world. She frequently advises policymakers, industry, and tech experts, and has helped develop laws on student privacy, consumer privacy, and the Internet of Things. Ariel is a graduate of Harvard College and Law School. Prior to joining Common Sense, Ariel worked on privacy, media, intellectual property, and technology matters at corporate law firms, and provided pro bono assistance to nonprofits and asylum seekers.

Christy Harris

Director of Technology and Privacy Research, Future of Privacy Forum

Christy Harris, CIPP/US, is the Director of Technology & Privacy Research at the Future of Privacy Forum (FPF), where she leads internal research and public policy efforts on issues of data privacy and online advertising, mobile apps, and platforms.

Prior to joining the FPF, Christy spent 19 years at AOL, where she helped navigate novel consumer privacy issues in the development of internet staples such as AOL Mail,, MapQuest, and The Huffington Post. In her role as Senior Director of Global Privacy at AOL, Christy specialized in the intersection of privacy and technology with the integration of multiple online advertising platforms and other offerings, the expansion to worldwide markets, and engagement with new and evolving legal and self-regulatory requirements globally. Most recently, she also served as Privacy Program Manager at the cybersecurity company FireEye, Inc., where she implemented a vendor management program in preparation for the GDPR and worked to streamline global data practices.

Rob van Eijk

Managing Director for Europe, Future of Privacy Forum

Dr. Rob van Eijk serves as the Future of Privacy Forum’s Managing Director for Europe. In this role, van Eijk implements FPF’s agenda in Europe, overseeing its day-to-day operations, and manages relationships with stakeholders in the industry, government, academia, and civil society.

Prior to serving in this position, van Eijk worked at the Dutch Data Protection Authority (DPA) for nearly 10 years and has since become an authority in the field of online privacy and data protection. He represented the Dutch DPA in international meetings and as a technical expert in court. He also represented the European Data Protection Authorities, assembled as the Article 29 Working Party, in the multi-stakeholder negotiations of the World Wide Web Consortium on Do Not Track.

Van Eijk is a technologist with an M.Sc. from the Leiden Institute of Advanced Computer Science, Leiden University, and a Ph.D. from Leiden Law School, Leiden University, focusing on online advertising (real-time bidding). He contributes as a guest lecturer to the Leiden Legal Technologies Program, an academic program that is provided by the Centre for Professional Learning at the Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs of Leiden University in cooperation with the Faculty of Law, and the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences. He also serves as a guest researcher at eLaw, Center for Law and Digital Technologies at the Leiden Law School of Leiden University.

Stacey Gray

Senior Counsel, Future of Privacy Forum

Stacey Gray, CIPP/US, is a Senior Counsel at the Future of Privacy Forum (FPF) and leads FPF’s engagement on federal and state privacy legislation. This team supports policymaker education around emerging technologies and data-driven business models, and building consensus towards a comprehensive consumer privacy law in the United States.

Prior to leading FPF’s legislative engagement, she spent several years focusing on the privacy implications of data collection in online and mobile advertising, platform regulation, cross-device tracking, Smart Homes, and the Internet of Things. At FPF, she has authored FCC and FTC public filings, and published extensive work related to the intersection of emerging technologies and federal privacy regulation and enforcement. Stacey graduated from the University of Florida in 2010 with a B.S. in Biology and a specialization in biotechnology, and cum laude from Georgetown University Law Center in 2015, during which she worked in privacy-related civil rights litigation as a law clerk for Victor M. Glasberg & Associates, and as a member of the civil rights division of the Institute for Public Representation.



Each year FPF’s key stakeholders gather together to exchange ideas, discuss emerging trends,  and help shape FPF’s agenda for the year ahead. Last year’s Annual Advisory Board Meeting was attended by over 100 of the top corporate privacy leaders, leading academics, and members of civil society from across the globe. 

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