Legitimate Interests under the LGPD: Launch of FPF’s English Translation of Data Privacy Brasil’s White Paper

FREE May 20, 2021 @ 1:00 - 2:30 pm ET


On May 20, at 1:00 pm ET (7p0m CEST time), Data Privacy Brasil, in partnership with Future of Privacy Forum, will launch the English version of the paper, accompanied by a webinar with panelists from different countries and backgrounds and a keynote speech by Miriam Wimmer, director of the Brazilian Data Protection Authority.


Bruno Bioni

Director, Data Privacy Brasil Research Association

Bruno Bioni is a professor and legal consultant in the area of ​​regulation and technology, with an emphasis on the privacy and protection of personal data. In the academic field, he is a doctoral student in Commercial Law at the Faculty of Law at the University of São Paulo / USP, where he also obtained the title of master, with honors, in Civil Law, with a research period at the Center for Technology, Law, Internet, and Society from the University of Ottawa / Canada. He was part of a series of research groups, including the Public Policy Group for Access to Information at USP / GPoPAI-USP and the Latin American Network of Studies on Surveillance, Technology and Society / LAVITS. Professionally, he worked as a trainee at the European Data Protection Board / EDPB and study visitor at Department of Personal Data Protection at the Council of Europe. In addition, he was legal and government relations advisor to the Internet Steering Committee in Brazil / CGI.br and the Ponto BR / NIC.br Information and Coordination Center, preparing analyzes of regulatory impacts on draft laws and other regulations involving freedom of expression, civil liability of intermediaries, misinformation, data franchise, cryptography, application blocking, data protection and privacy, among other topics, which were part of the Internet governance agenda in Brazil.

Marcela Mattiuzzo

Partner, VMCA Associates

Marcela practices in the areas of antitrust and data protection. In the antitrust practice her work involves negotiation of agreements and representation of clients before the Brazilian antitrust authority (CADE) in administrative proceedings and in merger and acquisitions. She also advises clients in risk assessing distribution agreements, analyzing governance and compliance structures, evaluating the competitive risks of commercial practices, among others. Marcela’s clients are from a variety of sectors, such as infrastructure, technology, and agribusiness. 

She is also the head of the firm’s data protection area. Her work focuses on adapting corporate policies to the Brazilian and international data legislation, and also representing clients before judicial and administrative authorities. Marcela has participated in several debates regarding the structuring of the new Brazilian data protection public policy, especially after the approval of the country’s General Data Protection Law (LGPD) in 2018. Currently, she serves as coordinator to Ibrac’s Digital Markets Committee LGPD Task Force and is a member of the Steering Committee of the CIPL/IDP project “LGPD implementation and harmonization with international data protection regimes”.

Lara Kehoe Hoffman

Vice President, Privacy & Security Legal, Netflix

Lara Kehoe Hoffman is Vice President, Data Privacy and Security (Legal) and Global Data Protection Officer at Netflix, a global streaming entertainment service available in over 190 countries. Lara joined Netflix in January 2015, bringing with her a passion for building and improving data protection programs, and promoting a pro-privacy culture. Lara has domain expertise in GDPR, information management, education and kids privacy, among other areas.

In her legal career, Lara has represented a diverse array of clients from start-ups to multinationals in businesses ranging from technology to retail to toys. In her personal time, Lara tends to three teenagers and two cats and watches a lot of shows and movies (which means lap time for happy cats). Lara attended the University of San Diego, School of Law and has a degree in Comparative Literature from Yale.

Hielke Hijmans

Board of Directors , Belgian Data Protection Authority

Dr. Hijmans is Chairman of the Litigation chamber and a member of the Board of Directors of the Belgian DPA. He is affiliated with the Brussels Privacy Hub, a member of the Meijers Committee, and teaches at various universities. He is the author of The EU as Guardian of Internet Privacy: The Story of Art 16 TFEU (Springer 2016). Until April 2019, he delivered services on a structural basis to the Centre for Information Policy Leadership and Considerati. For 12 years he served at the offices of the EDPS, inter alia as head of unit policy and consultation. Until 2004 he held a post as a member of cabinet/legal secretary at the Court of Justice of the EU in Luxembourg. Furthermore, Hielke was a counselor at the Directorate of Legislation of the Ministry of Justice in The Hague.

Gabriela Zanfir-Fortuna

Director, Global Privacy, Future of Privacy Forum

Dr. Gabriela Zanfir-Fortuna is the Director for Global Privacy for the Future of Privacy Forum, where she leads the work on Global privacy developments and European data protection law and policy, with their impact on all focus areas of FPF, including de-identification, AI, mobility, ad tech, and education.

Prior to moving to the US in 2016, Gabriela worked for the European Data Protection Supervisor in Brussels, being part of the team that advised the EU legislator on the GDPR during its legislative process. She dealt with both enforcement and policy matters, was a member of the EDPS litigation team, as well as actively participated in the work of the Article 29 Working Party. She worked on the assessments of both the draft EU-US Privacy Shield and the draft EU-US Umbrella Agreement during her time at the EDPS and the Article 29 Working Party.

Gabriela is currently serving as a Program Chair (Law) for the ACM Fairness, Accountability and Transparency Conference 2020 and she served as a member of the Program Advisory Committee for the ICDPPC 2019 Conference in Tirana. She is also a member of the Program Committee of PLSC Europe, CPDP – academic track, ACM – AIES 2020, and the ENISA Annual Privacy Forum.

She holds a PhD in law (2013, University of Craiova) with a thesis on the rights of the data subject from the perspective of their adjudication in civil law and an LLM in Human Rights (2010), after obtaining her law degree at the same university (2009). She is also an associated researcher with the Law, Science, Technology and Society Center at Vrije Universiteit Brussel and a Project Scientist supporting the IoT Privacy Infrastructure Project within the Institute for Software Research of Carnegie Mellon University.

Gabriela is a contributor-author to ‘The EU General Data Protection Regulation – A Commentary‘, edited by C. Kuner, C. Docksey and L.A. Bygrave, Oxford University Press, 2020 (on Articles 13, 14, 15, 21 and 82). She is also the author of the volume ‘Protecția Datelor Personale. Drepturile Persoanei Vizate‘, C.H. Beck, Bucharest, 2015.

Miriam Wimmer

Director, Brazilian Data Protection Authority

Miriam Wimmer is Policy Director for Digital Transformation at the Ministry of Science, Technology, Innovation and Communications. Her responsibilities include supporting the design and implementation of the Brazilian digital strategy and the formulation of Internet policies and goals. She holds a law degree (2004) and a master’s degree in Public Law (2007), both from the Rio de Janeiro State University – UERJ, and a doctorate in Communication and Culture Policies from the University of Brasília – UnB (2012). She has been a public servant since 2007, having previously worked for the National Telecommunications Agency and the Ministry of Communications.

Legitimate Interests Under the Brazilian General Data Protection Law Report

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