FPF Training Program:
The Building Blocks of Compliance with Youth Privacy Legislation

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FPF’s Training Program provides an in-depth understanding of today’s most pressing privacy and data protection topics. FPF staff experts design the sessions for professionals who develop policies for their organizations, work with clients on complex privacy issues, or those interested in emerging privacy topics.

Privacy legislation for kids and teens has significantly expanded since the enactment of the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) in 1998. The youth privacy landscape continues to evolve around the world, with variations of youth privacy provisions proliferating throughout the U.S.’s state and federal legislatures. With the passage of the California Age-Appropriate Design Code in September 2022 and its subsequent litigation, various legislative frameworks have incorporated youth privacy protections into the consumer privacy patchwork that present new challenges for any internet service with people under 18 as a part of their audience. 

In the Future of Privacy Forum’s training, “The Building Blocks of Compliance with Youth Privacy Legislation” participants will learn about the emerging global trends in youth privacy and strategies to proactively address compliance in a rapidly developing issue area. 

Learning Objectives: 

After completing each training course, you will receive IAPP CPE credits and a digital badge from Credly that can be shared on your professional network as a mark of the skills you’ve acquired.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations will be honored, minus our vendor’s processing fee, up to 3 days prior to the session. For cancellations after that date, we will honor the registration for the next scheduled date of this session or an alternate FPF training class.