FPF Training Program:
U.S. Privacy Landscape

September 19 | 9AM-11AM ET


FPF’s Training Program provides an in-depth understanding of today’s most pressing privacy and data protection topics. FPF staff experts design the sessions for professionals who develop policies for their organizations, work with clients on complex privacy issues, or those interested in emerging privacy topics.

Commercial privacy in the United States can be a complicated maze of state and federal laws and agency enforcement. Weave in international data flows, such as EU-U.S. cross-border data transfer rules it can be hard to keep track of all the nuances. The U.S. Privacy Landscape course will take a broad view of the existing U.S. Privacy law through the lens of the FTC, proposed federal legislation, comprehensive state privacy laws and sectoral issues; followed by a discussion around international data flows, such as the EU-U.S. Data Privacy Framework and Cross-Border Privacy Rules System (CBPR).

The US Privacy Landscape session will cover topics including:

  • Existing U.S. privacy laws and emerging trends in litigation and enforcement
  • An overview of Federal Trade Commission (FTC) authority, areas of focus, and upcoming rulemaking
  • Proposed Federal legislation such as the American Data Privacy and Protection Act (ADPPA)
  • Trends in comprehensive State privacy legislation
  • Sectoral issues and laws, including youth privacy and safety, biometrics, automated decision making technology, and health data
  • International data flows, including the EU-U.S. Data Privacy Framework and Cross-Border Privacy Rules System (CBPR).

After completing each training course, you will receive a digital badge from Credly that can be shared on your professional network as a mark of the skills you’ve acquired.

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Cancellation Policy

Cancellations will be honored, minus our vendor’s processing fee, up to 3 days prior to the session. For cancellations after that date, we will honor the registration for the next scheduled date of this session or an alternate FPF training class.

FPF Faculty

Keir Lamont

Director, Future of Privacy Forum

Keir Lamont is the Director of the Future of Privacy Forum’s U.S. Legislation team. In this role he supports research and independent analysis concerning federal, state, and local consumer privacy laws and regulations. Keir previously held positions at the Computer & Communications Industry Association and the Program on Data and Governance at Ohio State University. Read his full bio.

Lee Matheson

Senior Counsel for Global Privacy, Future of Privacy Forum

Lee Matheson, CIPP/US/E/A, CIPM, FIP,  is a Senior Counsel for Global Privacy with the Future of Privacy Forum Global Privacy team. Lee monitors and analyzes privacy developments throughout the world, with a particular focus on comparing the approaches of different global jurisdictions with regard to core privacy issues, including the regulation of individual privacy rights, de-identification, ad and cookie technology, AI/ML, and international data transfers. Read his full bio.