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The FPF Privacy Book Club provides members with the opportunity to read a wide range of books — privacy, data, ethics, academic works, and other important data relevant issues — and have an open discussion of the selected literature.

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Identified Book Cover

Join us on August 26, 2022, at 12:30 PM ET for an FPF Privacy Book Club discussion led by CEO Jules Polonetsky with author John Wilander on his new novel Identified. Note: No registration is required. Just visit this post on LinkedIn and click “Attend” to be notified when the LinkedIn Live discussion begins on Friday, August 26, 2022, at 12:30 PM ET.

Based on the character, West Wilder who is released on parole with a promise to never hack computers again, Wilder just wants to recoup his young adulthood. But the world he knew has changed. The days of the NSA as a privacy-invading boogeyman seem almost quaint. Now a global security agency called G20S has its digital tentacles everywhere. Ordinary people are treated as threats just because they use the internet.

This hacker thriller ripped from the headlines of today’s newspapers, envisions a chilling future where citizen hackers are pitted against unaccountable global actors. Everyone who stands up against oppression has to ask themselves – is freedom worth it?

About the Author

John Wilander is a software engineer in California with a Ph.D. in computer science and a lifelong dedication to privacy (his mom taught him not to snoop). Hacker fiction is his exploration of realistic hacks as part of great storytelling. He writes about struggles against powerful adversaries where hackers are the heroes.

Where to purchase: 

OnlineBarnes & Noble, Half Price Books, Apple Books, Rakuten Kobo, Amazon

Washington, D.C. (need to order to store)  – Politics and Prose Bookstore, Kramers, East City Bookshop, Solid State Books

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