2021 FPF Award for Research Data Stewardship

> 2021 FPF Award for Research Data Stewardship

Call for Nominations

The Call for Nominations for the 2021 FPF Award for Research Data Stewardship is now open. You can find the nominations forms here. We ask that nominations be submitted by Monday, March 1, 2021.

The FPF Award for Research Data Stewardship recognizes excellence in the privacy-protective stewardship of corporate data that is shared with academic researchers. The award highlights companies and academics who demonstrate novel best practices and approaches to sharing corporate data in order to advance scientific knowledge. 

The 2020 Research Data Stewardship Award was given to Lumos Labs and Professor Mark Steyvers for their path breaking work using data to model human attention and cognition. We look forward to reading submissions of innovative work in cognitive science and any other scientific field this year. We are keenly interested in multidisciplinary work that shows the power of shared data to answer questions that span multiple fields of inquiry. 

Academics and their corporate partners are invited to nominate a successful data-sharing project that reflects privacy protective approaches to data protection and ethical data sharing. Nominations will be reviewed and selected by an Award Committee comprised of representatives from FPF, leading foundations, academics, and industry leaders. Nominated projects will be judged based on several factors, including their adherence to privacy protection in the sharing process, the quality of the data handling process, and the company’s commitment to supporting the academic research. 

The nominations form will be open until February 19th. If you have questions about the nomination form, the process of review, or any other information about the award, please contact Dr. Sara Jordan at sjordan at fpf dot org.