Research Coordination Network (RCN)

About the RCN

The Applied Privacy Research Coordination Network (RCN) is a project supported by the US National Science Foundation (NSF) to bring together members of the privacy scholarship community and industry privacy practitioners. Through this program, FPF strives to facilitate research collaborations and coordination by providing a high-profile platform for academic researchers to connect with corporate privacy leaders. At a time when industry actors are the custodians of a wide range of consumer data, bringing together corporate, academic, and advocacy constituents is critical to making practical privacy progress.

Working with the RCN

FPF has identified three priorities for the RCN: 1) increasing transparency of data collection, sharing, use and retention; 2) ensuring that information flows and use are consistent with privacy rules in the context of emerging technology; and 3) reducing privacy risks of analytical algorithms.

RCN Knowledge Sharing Sessions

Recent Knowledge Sharing Sessions

On June 8, 2020, the FPF RCN and the FPF AI working group brought together researchers from around the world to discuss Privacy Preserving Machine Learning: New Research on Data and Model Privacy. This webinar explored how machine learning models as well as Fata fed into machine learning models can be secured through tools and techniques to manage the flow of data and models in the ML ecosystem.

Past Knowledge Sharing Sessions

Past RCN knowledge-sharing sessions include:
May 24, 2017: Privacy and Security Summit
June 6, 2017: FPF-Capital Area Academic Network Speaker Series
September 14, 2017: Roundtable Discussion: Smart Cities and Open Data
November 2, 2017: Bridging Industry and Academia to Tackle Responsible Research and Privacy Practices
November 6, 2017: Brussels Privacy Symposium and Call for Papers on AI Ethics: The Privacy Challenge
November 10, 2017: Privacy Engineering Research and the GDPR
February 27, 2018: 8thAnnual Privacy Papers for Policymakers
February 6, 2019: 9thAnnual Privacy Papers for Policymakers
February 6, 2020: 10thAnnual Privacy Papers for Policymakers

Upcoming Knowledge Sharing Sessions

Upcoming RCN knowledge sharing sessions include:
TBD: Extending Privacy in Extended Reality – Privacy Research in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Environments
TBD: Preserving Privacy while Preserving Context – Differential Privacy Technologies in Healthcare Research
To nominate a topic for a future RCN Knowledge Sharing Session, please email Sara Jordan at [email protected].

Privacy Scholarship Research Reporter

Keeping track of the growing wealth of privacy research presents challenges for industry privacy experts. The FPF Privacy Scholarship Research Reporter provides a snapshot of research articles on a pressing privacy issue.
To nominate a topic for an RCN Privacy Scholarship Research Reporter, please email Sara Jordan at [email protected].

Privacy Scholarship Research Reporter: Latest Issue

In conjunction with the most recent RCN Knowledge Sharing Session, the fifth issue of the Privacy Scholarship Research Reporter brings to this audience new research on data and model privacy in machine learning environments.
Issue 5: Preserving Privacy in Machine Learning: New Research on Data and Model Privacy

Privacy Scholarship Research Reporter: Previous Issues

Issue 1: Algorithms: Privacy Risk and Accountability
Issue 2: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: The Privacy Challenge
Issue 3: 2017 Privacy Papers for Policymakers Award Winners
Issue 4: GDPR in Focus

Privacy Papers for Policymakers

Privacy Papers for Policymakers 2018
Privacy Papers for Policymakers 2019
Call for nominations for Privacy Papers for Policymakers 2020

Outreach and Connections

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