Youth & Education Project Speaking Engagements and Hosted Events

Date Event Staff Member
Workshop, FPF Student Privacy Train-the-Trainer Program FPF Staff
1/28/2020 Webinar, “Privacy 2020: Where Have We Been and What’s Next?,” EDUCAUSE Data Privacy Day Amelia Vance
1/13/2020 Panel, “COPPA Experts” at TechFreedom’s “Will Kids’ Privacy Crackdown Break the Internet?” event in Washington, DC Amelia Vance
1/10/2020 Webinar, “Privacy Legislation Series: Children’s Privacy” FPF Staff
12/12/2019 Webinar, “Student Privacy 101 for Parents” (co-hosted with the National PTA) Amelia Vance
11/15/2019 Panel, “Child Privacy, Rights, and Policy” at Seton Hall University’s Symposium “Protecting Child Privacy Beyond the Information Age?” in Newark, NJ Amelia Vance
10/8/2019 Speaker, “Ensuring Student Data Privacy” at Future Ready Schools in Cleveland, OH Tyler Park
10/7/2019 Panel, “The Future of the COPPA Rule” at the Federal Trade Commission’s COPPA Workshop in Washington, DC Amelia Vance
10/2/2019 Speaker, “Ensuring Student Data Privacy” at Future Ready Schools in Seattle, WA Tyler Park
9/25/2019 Speaker, “Ensuring Student Data Privacy” at Future Ready Schools in Manchester, NH Tyler Park
9/12/2019 Speaker, “Ensuring Student Data Privacy” at Future Ready Schools in Nashville, TN Tyler Park
8/8/2019 Panel, “Safeguarding Students by Protecting Student Data” at the State Higher Education Executive Officers Conference in Boston, MA Sara Collins
7/26/2019 Panel, “School Safety Databases: Detecting Threats, or Tracking Students?” at NCES-STATS Conference in Washington, DC Amelia Vance
6/26/2019 Panel, “How to Protect Student Privacy While Keeping your School Safe” at the International Society for Technology Education Conference in Philadelphia, PA Sara Collins and Amelia Vance
6/20/2019 Presentation, discussing new privacy and security laws and regulations facing higher education, as well as providing an update on our work at PostsecData in Washington, DC Sara Collins and Amelia Vance
6/7/2019 Conducted two student privacy breakout sessions at the Ed-Fi Conference Northeast in Boston, MA Amelia Vance
5/28/2019 Webinar, Privacy and Equity Issues with School Safety Efforts and Technologies (co-hosted with Securly, a network monitoring service) Amelia Vance
5/21/2019 Panel, “Fighting the Good Fight: Organizing Market Forces for Data Interoperability, Integration, & Privacy,” at Harvard’s Strategic Data Project Conference in Cambridge, MA Amelia Vance
5/15/2019 Presentation and Workshop, “Education in Privacy Policies: Best Practices for Evaluating Edtech” at EDUCAUSE’s Higher Education Information Security Council Annual Meeting in Chicago, IL Sara Collins
5/14/2019- 5/16/2019 Presentation, “Problem of Practice 1: Privacy & Security” with the Department of Education and Center for Democracy and Technology; provided debrief on privacy and security at the Conference on School Safety, hosted by the Education Information Management Advisory Collaborative in Jacksonville, FL Amelia Vance
5/1/2019 Webinar, “Student and Learning Data Privacy in Higher Education Virtual Exchanges” hosted by American Council on Education Sara Collins
5/1/2019 Workshop, Integrated Postsecondary Education Data Systems Coordinator, hosted by the National Center for Education Statistics Amelia Vance
4/17/2019 Panel, “Protecting Student Data & Privacy” at DePaul’s Center for Education Technology in Chicago, IL Amelia Vance
4/3/2019 Panel, “Keeping the Class of 2030 Safe in an IoT World” at the Consortium for School Networking Annual Conference in Portland, OR Amelia Vance
4/3/2019 Panel, “Protecting Student Privacy: The Student Privacy Pledge” at the Consortium for School Networking Annual Conference in Portland, OR Tyler Park
3/30/2019 Training, National PTA in Alexandria, VA Amelia Vance
3/7/2019 Presentation, “GDPR for EdTech Startups,” SXSWedu in Austin, TX Sara Collins
3/6/2019 Presentation, “Student Safety or Privacy: Why not both?” SXSWedu in Austin, TX Amelia Vance
3/5/2019 Presentation, “FERPA Sherpas: How You Can Lead on Student Privacy,” SXSWedu in Austin, TX Monica Bulger
2/15/2019 Presentation, “Student Privacy 101,” at The School Superintendents Association Annual Conference on Education in Los Angeles, CA Amelia Vance
2/5/2019 Presentation, “Student Privacy for Districts” at the Tennessee Organization of School Superintendents Annual Conference in Nashville, TN Amelia Vance
1/30/2019 Panel, “Surveillance of School-Issued Devices: Consequences for Privacy and Equity” at the Future of Education Technology Conference in Orlando, FL Amelia Vance
1/29/2019 Panel, “Understanding EdTech Privacy Policies” at the Future of Education Technology Conference in Orlando, FL Tyler Park
1/22/2019 Panel, “Expert Speed Dating” at the Association of Educational Service Agencies in Washington, DC Amelia Vance