FPF Launches AI and Machine Learning Working Group and Releases New AI Resource Guides


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The opportunities created by machine learning range across every sector of the economy and will impact every area of daily life.  Better health care, safer transportation, greater efficiencies in manufacturing, retail, and online services are all already on the horizon.  But concerns about the privacy impact, ethical consequences and real world harms of the technology are real and may lead to dangers large and small if not countered.

FPF has convened a leading group of its members to consider priority areas for technologies and companies to address ML privacy and ethics concerns. Our AI and Machine Learning Working Group, composed of FPF member companies with an interest in AI and Machine Learning privacy and data management challenges, meets monthly to discuss various relevant issues regarding new updates, hear from experts regarding AI in the EU and under GDPR, the occurrence and defense against bias, and other timely topics. A subset of members is currently working on developing a set of Best Practices for internal governance procedures for companies implementing products or services which rely on machine learning technologies.

We recently released, in partnership with Immuta, a framework for practitioners to manage risk in artificial intelligence and machine learning (ML) models. The joint whitepaper, Beyond Explainability: A Practical Guide to Managing Risk in Machine Learning Models, provides business executives, data scientists, and compliance professionals with a strategic guide for governing the legal, privacy, and ethical risks associated with this technology.

Today we announce the launch of our Resource Guides which collect current and leading news, academic publications, and multi-media training, providing in-depth sources for the technical, educational, and policy-focused perspectives.

In October, we will be holding one of the official side events at the 40th International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners in Brussels, providing an introduction to how AI and ML work, targeted to privacy professionals and regulators, with an emphasis on the unique privacy questions or impacts raised by these technologies.

To learn more about FPF’s AI and ML Working Group, and membership opportunities, contact Brenda Leong, [email protected].