FTC should investigate app developers banned by Facebook – Statement by Future of Privacy Forum CEO


Future of Privacy Forum Calls on FTC to Investigate Apps That Misused Consumer Data

WASHINGTON, DC – September 20, 2019 – Statement by Future of Privacy Forum CEO Jules Polonetsky regarding Facebook’s announcement that it has banned 400 developers from its app store:

The FTC should quickly act against many of these app developers, since they share the blame with Facebook, and some could still be holding on to consumer data or continuing to sell it. If apps that misuse Facebook members’ data escape legal penalty, developers will get the message that there is no legal risk to improper data-sharing. Every company, and especially app developers, needs to understand that there are consequences for abusing consumer data. This situation demonstrates yet again that Congress should dramatically increase the human and technological resources available to the FTC and give it broader authority to levy civil penalties.

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