FPF Expands Health Privacy Initiative


FPF is delighted to announce that Dr. Rachele Hendricks-Sturrup has joined the staff as health policy counsel, strengthening FPF’s commitment to supporting the data protection and ethics guidelines needed for health data. In this role, Rachele will work with stakeholders to advance opportunities for data to be used for research and real world evidence, improve patient care, and allow patients to access their medical records. She will also continue to develop FPF’s projects around genetic data, wearables, and machine learning with health data.

Rachele received a Doctor of Health Science degree in 2018 and holds a special focus on pharmacogenomics and precision medicine. Previously, she conducted health information privacy-related research within Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Institute’s Department of Population Medicine, where she was one of the first research fellows to have a combined focus on addressing issues and challenges at the forefront of precision medicine and health policy.

As a prominent academic, Rachele has written numerous influential publications on consumer privacy and non-discrimination. She recently wrote a piece that looks at how direct-to-consumer genetic testing companies engage health consumers in unprecedented ways and leverage genetic information to further engage health companies. Many of her peer-reviewed manuscripts, including one relevant piece entitled “Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Testing Data Privacy: Key Concerns and Recommendations Based on Consumer Perspectives,” can be accessed via PubMed.