The Future Is Now: FPF at CPDP2020


Computers, Privacy and Data Protection (CPDP) Conference 2020 commences next week in Brussels, bringing together academics, data protection authorities, policymakers, data scientists, and civil society to network, exchange ideas, and talk over the latest trends. Check out the panels and events FPF will be participating in below. 

Algorithmic Regulation of Transportation

Wednesday, January 22 at 11:45, Petite Halle

We are bringing together experts across the privacy, mobility, and civic space to discuss the challenges of transforming—and enforcing—transportation regulations through the use of code and algorithms. This panel aims to build upon the issue as framed by the ITIF report released earlier this year, which introduced multiple potential frameworks for integrating automated enforcement mechanisms in the transportation industry. At CPDP, we hope to reexamine this issue with the specific lens of privacy and data protection and ultimately, identify concrete steps cities and mobility operators can take to share data responsibly. Specific questions we hope to address in this panel:

  • What is the proper role of governments in regulating mobility companies, and further, individual users of those companies?
  • What obligations do cities have under the GDPR in the context of collecting data from the private sector? What does this mean in practice?
  • Where does automated regulation meet surveillance? Does one enable the other? Is one a use case of the other? What are the ethical considerations?
  • How can cities demonstrate preparedness to ingest large volumes of data? How do we develop privacy and security standards that can be feasibly adopted by both the public and private sector?

The speakers are Simon Hania, Uber; Ger Baron, City of Amsterdam; Karen Vancluysen, Polis; and Kara Selke, Streetlight Data. The panel is moderated by Rob van Eijk, FPF. 

The Future Is Now: Autonomous Vehicles, Trolley Problem(s) and How to Deal with Them 

Wednesday, January 22 at 14:15, Petite Halle

Autonomous and highly automated vehicles are likely the first product that will bring AI to the masses in a life-changing way. They rely on AI for a variety of uses: from mapping, perception and prediction, to self-driving technologies. Their promise is great: increasing the safety and convenience of our cities and roads. But so are the challenges that come with it, from solving life and death questions to putting in place a framework that works for the protection of fundamental rights of drivers, passengers and everyone physically around them. This panel proposes a EU-US comparative perspective to discuss essential questions. Are existing legal frameworks well-equipped to deal with these challenges? How much data and what type of data runs through all systems of an autonomous vehicle? What rights are affected? What ethical considerations might play into decision-making algorithms around accidents?

  • How are highly automated and autonomous vehicles using AI?
  • How are regulators around the world managing the data and AI used in highly automated and autonomous vehicles?
  • What are the benefits of autonomous vehicles and what are the risks to individual rights? How can they be balanced?
  • What lessons might be learned from this space for other applications of AI? (regulatory or otherwise)

Moderated by IAPP’s Trevor Hughes, the panel includes speakers Sophie Nerbonne, Director of Economic Co-Regulation, CNIL; Andreea Lisievici, Volvo Cars; Chelsey Colbert, FPF; and Mikko Niva, Vodafone. 

Turning the Tables: Academics in the Hot Seat

Wednesday, January 22 at 16:00, Grande Halle 

In numerous privacy and data protection conferences and workshops, academics moderate discussions between policymakers, regulators and industry players. Academics are tough inquisitors and harsh critics, pointing out the shortcomings of legislation, the slow turn of the wheels of justice, the practical challenges of enforcement and the tangled web of interests

of businesses. In this session we turn the tables. Helen Dixon, Data Protection Commissioner for Ireland, will be asking the questions. The academics will be in the hot seat providing direct and complete answers. Are their theories sound and coherent? Do they influence the world outside the ivory tower? Did their writings withstand the test of time?

  • The gap between the theory and practice of privacy and data protection
  • The role for higher education in developing a privacy and data protection workforce
  • The implications of privacy as a fundamental right, as trust and as a techno-social safety valve
  • Differences and similarities between privacy and data protection scholarship in the US and EU

Speakers include Franziska Boehm, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology; Neil Richards, Washington University School of Law; Omer Tene, IAPP; Gabriela Zanfir-Fortuna, Future of Privacy Forum. The session will be moderated by Helen Dixon, Data Protection Commissioner for Ireland. 


Masterclass: Understanding Machine Learning

Thursday, January 23 from 16:00-18:00, Area 42, 46 Rue des Palais, 1030 Bruxelles, Belgium

This Masterclass is aimed at policymakers, law scholars, social scientists and others who want to more deeply understand the data driven technologies that are front of mind for data protection discussions. Structured as an interactive lesson, technology experts will present a training session focused on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. 

Attendees will be provided with a copy of “The Privacy Expert’s Guide to Machine Learning” and will join leading machine learning experts for a presentation geared at bringing the details of the technology to an audience without an in depth computer science background. In addition to a primer on the basics of the field, issues of particular consequence to policymakers such as fairness, bias, and data minimization will be examined. 

Expert Speakers: 

  • Reuben Binns –  Postdoctoral researcher in Computer Science at the University of Oxford
  • Richard Tomsett – IBM Emerging Technology; Emerging Technology Specialist
  • Nicholas Schmidt – Partner, BLDS LLC; Head of the AI/ML Practice

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Friday, January 24 from 17:00-20:00, Ginette Bar 

Join us at Ginette Bar in Place du Luxembourg for an evening of drinks and networking. No RSVP needed. 


Please view the entire program for additional details.

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