The 10th Annual Privacy Papers for Policymakers Event


The Future of Privacy Forum’s 10th annual Privacy Papers for Policymakers event was a hit! This year’s event featured a keynote speech by FTC Commissioner Christine S. Wilson and facilitated discussions between the winning authors – Ignacio Cofone, Neil Richards, Margot Kaminski, Gianclaudio Malgieri, Arunesh Mathur, and Paul Ohm – and policy and regulatory staff, including Lisa Goldman, Jared Bomberg, Nasreen Djouini, Morgan Kennedy, and Michelle Richardson, followed by a reception.



During her opening remarks, FTC Commissioner Christine S. Wilson spoke on the importance of implementing federal privacy legislation: “We’ve arrived at a tipping point for privacy… All eyes are on Congress at this defining moment.” Commissioner Wilson cited the need for certain characteristics to be incorporated in the development of federal privacy legislation, including:

  • The United States’ “traditional harm-focused, risk-based approach to privacy protections”
  • Requirements for accountability for “both privacy and data security practices on the part of entities that handle data”
  • The notion that “transparency empowers individuals to make informed choices”
  • An awareness of potential effects on markets and competition.



Summaries of each of the presenters’ papers can be accessed below.

  • Ignacio Cofone, Assistant Professor, McGill University Faculty of Law. Antidiscriminatory Privacy.
  • Neil Richards, Koch Distinguished Professor of Law and Director, Cordell Institute Washington University School of Law. Privacy’s Constitutional Moment.
  • Margot Kaminski and Gianclaudio Malgieri, Associate Professor of Law, University of Colorado Law; Doctoral Researcher at LSTS, Vrije Universiteit Brussels. Algorithmic Impact Assessments Under the GDPR: Producing Multi-Layered Explanations.
  • Arunesh Mathur, Graduate Student, Princeton University. Dark Patterns at Scale: Findings from a Crawl of 11K Shopping Websites.
  • Paul Ohm, Professor of Law and Associate Dean, Georgetown University Law Center. The Many Revolutions of Carpenter.


In addition to the presentations and reception, we recorded short video interviews with each of the presenting authors. We will add new videos to this post every week. Check them out below:

Paul Ohm



Neil Richards



Ignacio Cofone



Margot Kaminski



Arunesh Mathur


Gianclaudio Malgieri



The goal of the Privacy Papers for Policymakers project is to put diverse academic perspectives in front of policymakers to inform the development of privacy legislation. You can view all of this year’s award-winning papers on our website.