Christy Harris

Christy Harris, CIPP/US, is the Director of Technology & Privacy Research at the Future of Privacy Forum (FPF), where she leads internal research and public policy efforts on issues of data privacy and online advertising, mobile apps, and platforms.

Prior to joining the FPF, Christy spent 19 years at AOL, where she helped navigate novel consumer privacy issues in the development of internet staples such as AOL Mail,, MapQuest, and The Huffington Post. In her role as Senior Director of Global Privacy at AOL, Christy specialized in the intersection of privacy and technology with the integration of multiple online advertising platforms and other offerings, the expansion to worldwide markets, and engagement with new and evolving legal and self-regulatory requirements globally. Most recently, she also served as Privacy Program Manager at the cybersecurity company FireEye, Inc., where she implemented a vendor management program in preparation for the GDPR and worked to streamline global data practices.