Digital Data Flows Masterclass: Emerging Technologies

Digital Data Flows Masterclass is a year-long educational program designed for regulators, policymakers, and staff seeking to better understand the data-driven technologies at the forefront of data protection law & policy. The program will feature experts on machine learning, biometrics, connected cars, facial recognition, online advertising, encryption, and other emerging technologies.

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Registration for Class 3 is now open!

30 January 2019 (14:00-15:30 Central European Time)

Area 42, Rue des Palais 46, 1030 Brussels, Belgium

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Class 3 will feature experts on De-Identification, Differential Privacy, and Homomorphic Encryption. In Class 3, participants will gain an understanding of: what it means to identify individuals in datasets; how to reduce risks of re-identification through anonymization and pseudonymization; what is involved in common re-identification attacks; and how data holders are using methods such as differential privacy (a statistical technique), and homomorphic encryption (an advanced computation method), to gain insights about data without identifying individuals. No technical background is needed.

FPF and Brussels Privacy Hub are pleased to host this session as an official side event to the Computers, Privacy, and Data Protection Conference (CPDP). Both attendees and non-attendees of CPDP are welcome to attend. The session is free, and priority in-person registration will be given to government staff.

Guest experts include:

  • Sophie Stalla-Bourdillon, Professor in Information Technology Law and Data Governance, Southampton Law School at the University of Southampton, and Senior Privacy Counsel and Legal Engineer at Immuta;
  • Khaled El Imam, Founder and CEO, Privacy Analytics; and
  • Introduction by Jules Polonetsky, CEO, Future of Privacy Forum

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