Digital Data Flows Masterclass: Archive

Digital Data Flows Masterclass is a year-long educational program designed for regulators, policymakers, and staff seeking to better understand the data-driven technologies at the forefront of data protection law & policy. The program features experts on machine learning, biometrics, connected cars, facial recognition, online advertising, encryption, and other emerging technologies.

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Class 1: Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

October 25, 2018, Brussels

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Curriculum Materials:

Slides for Section I: The “Basics” of AI/ML by Dr. Oliver Grau

Slides for Section II: Basis/Fairness by Dr. Swati Gupta

The Privacy Experts Guide to Machine Learning, Future of Privacy Forum (October 2018) 

More Resources on AI and Machine Learning:

Unfairness by Algorithm: Distilling the Harms of Automated Decision-making, Future of Privacy Forum (December 2017) 

Beyond Explainability: A Practical Guide to Managing Risk in Machine Learning Models, Future of Privacy Forum and Immuta (2018)

FPF Website: “About the Issue: AI and Machine Learning

Shared Google Documents:

List of Primer/101 Resources for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

List of Ethics, Governance, and Compliance Resources for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Summaries of Leading Academic Publications on Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

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Class 2: Location Data: GPS, Wi-Fi, Spatial Analytics 

November 27, 2018, Brussels

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More Resources: 

Slides for Class 2: Location Data: GPS, Wi-Fi, Spatial Analytics

A Visual Guide to Practical Data De-Identification, Future of Privacy Forum (April 2016)

Photos of the Event: