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Beyond The Basics of Online Advertising

It’s time to level up your knowledge of the online advertising ecosystem.

Navigating the complex world of online advertising privacy can be daunting, but our focused training session is here to help.

Going beyond the fundamentals of online advertising, this session provides an in-depth examination of the online advertising ecosystem ​focusing on a variety of topics, including mobile platforms, consent frameworks, analytics, and the technologies behind them.

Facilitated by FPF Faculty, we will also explore the challenges affecting the future of online advertising, including the deprecation of third-​party cookies, platform requirements related to tracking, key laws and regulations shaping the ad tech sector, and technologies developed ​to address user and legal requirements globally.

Whether you’re a marketer, privacy professional, or business leader, this training will equip you with the knowledge and tools to build a ​privacy-conscious online advertising strategy.

This training is available as an in-house private training for your team.

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Upon completing the training, participants will receive a digital badge, recognizing your newfound knowledge ​and demonstrating your commitment to staying at the forefront of privacy developments.

Learning Objectives

In This Training You Will Learn:

  • Review the latest issues in the technology & ​privacy landscape
  • Gain insight into how Adtech issues impact ​company practices, policies and services
  • Explore Cookie Deprecation issues that will ​inevitably restrict user data
  • Identify the most salient issues behind the ​explosion of mobile devices & future technologies ​that are driving new conversations with your line-​of-business colleagues
  • See how the latest policy/legal trends will impact ​your ability to make better decisions for your ​business


Cancellation Policy

Cancellations will be honored, minus our vendor’s processing fee, up to ​3 days prior to the session. For cancellations after that date, we will ​honor the registration for the next scheduled date of this session or an ​alternate FPF training class.

Adam Towvim

Chameleon Collective

Adam is a marketing leader with deep expertise in customer data analytics who has led growth strategies for companies like Salesforce, LiveRamp, Jumptap, and Waystar. As a strategic advisor, Adam’s focus areas include mobile/precise location and new digital media technologies, covering impacts to data privacy and digital advertising practices. He also serves as an expert witness for legal matters relating to marketing, advertising, and data privacy.

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Beyond the Basics of Advertising

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