Understanding Digital Data Flows


The Understanding Digital Data Flows training program is uniquely designed to provide individuals who play a role in developing policies for their organizations with a working understanding of the ways technology and personal data are utilized in key sectors. While these classes consider relevant laws and policies, they focus primarily on the underlying technologies, data flows, and business practices that need to be grasped in order to better understand data protection issues.

From biometrics to online advertising, participants learn directly from experts on the underlying technologies, data flows, and business practices to better understand legal, policy, and data protection issues. Understanding Digital Data Flows classes are presented by FPF staff and carefully selected invited technical experts.

FPF works with senior privacy executives of leading companies and with academics, civil society, and policymakers to advance principled data practices in support of emerging technologies. To learn more about FPF and its experts, please visit https://fpf.org/about/.

Prepaid Passes & Discounts

Don’t know which sessions you want to attend yet? Want to take several classes and save with a discounted multiple-session rate?

Understanding Digital Data Flows Prepaid Session Passes allow you to purchase passes now, either individually or at a bundled discount, and register for any specific sessions scheduled through 2022, whenever you’re ready.

Following purchase of session passes, a code will be provided allowing you to register for upcoming sessions at your convenience.

Passes are valid for use by 1 person for any public sessions offered through 2022.