Understanding Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning


The opening session of FPF’s Digital Data Flows Masterclass provided an educational overview of  Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning – featuring Dr. Swati Gupta, Assistant Professor in the H. Milton Stewart School of Industrial and Systems Engineering at Georgia Tech; and Dr. Oliver Grau, Chair of ACM’s Europe Technology Policy Committee, Intel Automated Driving Group, and University of Surrey. To learn more about the Basics of AI/ML and how Bias and Fairness impact these systems, watch the class video here.

Understanding AI and its underlying algorithmic processes presents new challenges for privacy officers and others responsible for data governance in companies ranging from retailers to cloud service providers. In the absence of targeted legal or regulatory obligations, AI poses ethical and practical challenges for companies that strive to maximize consumer benefits while preventing potential harms.

In conjunction with this class, FPF released The Privacy Expert’s Guide to AI and Machine Learning. Covering much of the course content, this guide explains the technological basics of AI and ML systems at a level of understanding useful for non-programmers, and addresses certain privacy challenges associated with the implementation of new and existing ML-based products and services.

The Digital Data Flows Masterclass is a year-long educational program designed for regulators, policymakers, and staff seeking to better understand the data-driven technologies at the forefront of data protection law & policy. The program features experts on machine learning, biometrics, connected cars, facial recognition, online advertising, encryption, and other emerging technologies.