The Brussels Privacy Symposium: Abstracts

> The Brussels Privacy Symposium: Abstracts



Selected authors from multiple disciplines including law, computer science, statistics, engineering, social science, ethics and business will present papers at this full-day program in Brussels on November 6, 2017. See the titles and authors of the selected abstracts below.

Artificial Intelligence, Ethics and Enhanced Data Stewardship
Martin Abrams, Peter Cullen, and Lynn Goldstein, Information Accountability Foundation
Automated Driving as the Testbed for Privacy in the Artificial Intelligence World
Riccardo Masucci, Intel Corporation
Enslaving the Algorithm: From a ‘right to an explanation’ to a ‘right to better decisions’?
Lilian Edwards, Strathclyde University, Glasgow and Michael Veale, University College London
Fairer Decisions with Machine Learning: Lessons from Moral and Political Philosophy
Reuben Binn, University of Oxford
Operationalizing Data Ethics within Corporate Frameworks
Norberto Andrade, Facebook, Inc.
Proactive Engagement with Ethics and Privacy of Emerging AI Technologies through Responsible Research and Innovation
Bernd Stahl, Centre for Computing and Social Responsibility
Proactively Protecting Against the Singularity: Toward a Model for Ethical Decision-Making in AI Applications in Social Media
Dipayan Ghosh, Harvard University and Dawn E. Schrader, Cornell University
Reduction Framework for Algorithmic Accountability over Personal Information
Micah Altman, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Effy Vayena, and Alexandra Wood, Harvard University
Risk Based Security and Automated Decision Making in Airport Checkpoints: Bias Detection towards Smarter Security and Fairness
Dimitris M. Kyriazanos, Giorgos Konstantinos Thanos, and Stelios C. A. Thomopoulos, National Centre for Scientific Research
The Dangers Inherent in Data Mining and Profiling
Douwe Korff, London Metropolitan University, Oxford Martin School, University of Oxford
When Is an Algorithm Transparent?: Predictive Analytics, Privacy, and Public Policy
Robert H. Sloan, University of Illinois at Chicago and Richard Warner, Chicago-Kent College of Law
AI and the Ethics of Automating Consent
Elizabeth Edenberg, Meg Leta Jones, and Ellen Kaufman, Georgetown University
When are Algorithmic Decisions Fair, and How Should they be Regulated?
F.J. Zuiderveen Borgesius, University of Amsterdam