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Building Bridges
Advancing Privacy Through Collaboration and Innovation

Future of Privacy Forum (FPF) has established strong partnerships across Europe through its convenings, impactful reports, and training for policymakers and regulators. FPF Europe maintains neutrality while fostering social and economic good through data and technology innovation, respecting privacy and fundamental human rights. The Brussels team collaborates with European data protection authorities, industry leaders, and civil society groups to address evolving privacy challenges. FPF’s efforts in Europe include engagement through a European lens spanning transatlantic, APAC, African, and Global South regions, helping stakeholders understand cutting-edge data protection technologies and laws. By building bridges between diverse privacy cultures, FPF aims to create a common data protection language and enhance global dialogue.

Working Together for Global Data Protection


FPF has experts on the ground FPF has experts on the ground throughout Europe, Africa, the Asia-Pacific, India, Israel, and Latin America.