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Miranda Bogan

AI Policy Expert

An AI policy expert and responsible AI practitioner, Miranda Bogen has led work at the intersection of policy and AI fairness in senior roles in industry and civil society. She served as co-chair of the Fairness, Transparency, and Accountability Working Group at the Partnership on AI, conducted foundational research at the intersection of machine learning and civil rights at Upturn, and most recently guided strategy and implementation of responsible AI practices at Meta. Bogen co-authored widely cited research on the potential for discrimination in personalized advertising and the role of artificial intelligence in the hiring process, and her work has informed international policy discussions on the civil and human rights implications of artificial intelligence, including citations in the White House Blueprint for an AI Bill of Rights. Read more.

Kelsey Finch

Privacy & Data Protection Manager

Aleada Consulting

Kelsey advises clients on privacy and data protection issues. She assists with developing and implementing global privacy and data protection programs, assessing multijurisdictional legal and regulatory obligations, and integrating privacy protection into emerging technologies. Prior to joining Aleada Consulting, Kelsey was Senior Privacy Counsel at the Future of Privacy Forum where she collaborated with senior privacy leaders in industry, government, academia, and civil society to build best practices, inform sound policymaking, and create educational materials on responsible data practices for emerging technologies. Kelsey is also an adjunct professor at William & Mary School of Law.

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Dr. Aaron Massey

Technologist and Senior Policy Analyst for Advertising Technologies and Platforms

Future of Privacy Forum

Dr. Aaron Massey joined FPF in August 2022 as Technologist and Senior Policy Analyst for Advertising Technologies and Platforms. Previously, he was an Assistant Professor of Software Engineering at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC). His academic research focused on computer security, privacy, software engineering, and regulatory compliance in software systems. Aaron is a recipient of the Walter H. Wilkinson Graduate Research Ethics Fellowship and a recipient of a Google Policy Fellowship. Read his full bio.

Emily McReynolds

AI & Data Policy Expert

Emily has worked in data protection, machine learning & AI, across academia, civil society, and in the tech industry. At Meta, on the AI Policy team in the Privacy & Data Policy group, she led stakeholder engagement on responsible AI and co-authored documentation projects System Cards Method Cards, and data collection/labeling for AI with Casual Conversations v2. Before Meta at Microsoft, she led end-to-end data strategy from developing a dataset risk framework to the implementation of Responsible AI Standard at Microsoft Research. During her years as the program director for the University of Washington’s Tech Policy Lab, an interdisciplinary collaboration across the CS, Information, and Law schools, she co-led projects on augmented reality, driverless cars, and Toys That Listen. Emily went to graduate school planning to work on tech policy and previously taught people to use computers back when there were still floppy disks.

Tatiana Rice

Senior Counsel

Future of Privacy Forum

Tatiana Rice, CIPP/EU, serves as Senior Counsel with FPF’s U.S. Legislation team and leads FPF’s Biometrics workstream. In her role, Tatiana conducts research and analysis on legal and legislative trends relating to consumer data privacy, biometric technologies, and privacy enforcement on the federal and state levels. Read her full bio.

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Dr. Rob van Eijk

Managing Director for Europe

Future of Privacy Forum

Rob van Eijk serves as the Future of Privacy Forum’s Managing Director for Europe. In this role, van Eijk implements FPF’s agenda in Europe, overseeing its day-to-day operations, and managing relationships with stakeholders in the industry, government, academia, and civil society. Read his full bio.

Katerina Demetzou

Senior Counsel for Global Privacy

Future of Privacy Forum

Katerina Demetzou is a Senior Counsel for Global Privacy at the Future of Privacy Forum. She is working to further understand the state of play and global trends in data protection and privacy laws around the world, with their impact on the rights of individuals and on various technologies and digital services. Read her full bio.

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Keir Lamont


Future of Privacy Forum

Keir Lamont is the Director of the Future of Privacy Forum’s U.S. Legislation team. In this role he supports research and independent analysis concerning federal, state, and local consumer privacy laws and regulations. Keir previously held positions at the Computer & Communications Industry Association and the Program on Data and Governance at Ohio State University. Read his full bio.

Lee Matheson

Senior Counsel for Global Privacy

Future of Privacy Forum

Lee Matheson, CIPP/US/E/A, CIPM, FIP,  is a Senior Counsel for Global Privacy with the Future of Privacy Forum Global Privacy team. Lee monitors and analyzes privacy developments throughout the world, with a particular focus on comparing the approaches of different global jurisdictions with regard to core privacy issues, including the regulation of individual privacy rights, de-identification, ad and cookie technology, AI/ML, and international data transfers. Read his full bio.

Christina Michelakaki

Policy Fellow for Global Privacy

Future of Privacy Forum

Christina Michelakaki is a Policy Fellow for Global Privacy at the Future of Privacy Forum (FPF). She is following global trends in data protection and privacy laws around the world but also focuses on European and national case law, recent academic research, guidelines, and decisions from the European Data Protection Board and national Data Protection Authorities. Read her full bio.

Adam Towvim

Adjunct Professor, Brandeis International Business School

Partner, Chameleon Collective

Adam is a marketing leader with deep expertise in customer data analytics who has led growth strategies for companies like Salesforce, LiveRamp, Jumptap, and Waystar. As a strategic advisor, Adam’s focus areas include mobile/precise location and new digital media technologies, covering impacts to data privacy and digital advertising practices. He also serves as an expert witness for legal matters relating to marketing, advertising, and data privacy.