February 4, 2016 | Brenda Leong

SXSW Edu – FPF and Colleagues Take on “Trust” Question

I am heading to SxSW Edu to join the US Department of Education Chief Privacy Officer Kathleen Styles, Common Sense Media’s Bill Fitzgerald, Data Quality Campaign’s Aimee Guidera, and several other distinguished education and privacy speakers for this session on student data privacy.  Sponsored by CoSN, this is not just a panel but a full […]


January 28, 2016 | Lauren Smith

Algorithmic transparency: Examining from within and without

As the volume of consumer data grows, an increasing number of decisions previously made by humans are now made by algorithms. Many thought leaders have called for algorithmic transparency to ensure that these decisions aren’t leading to unfair or discriminatory outcomes, but algorithmic transparency is tricky to implement. Last December, FTC Commissioner Julie Brill acknowledged […]


January 19, 2016 | Brenda Leong

Who Exactly IS a “School Official” Anyway?

School Officials and Ed Tech Vendors The School Official exception to FERPA, the federal student privacy law, allows schools to provide student data to principals, teachers and school employees to use for educational purposes. But what about contractors who may work for the school, like a bus company or an email service provider? The original […]

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