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Understanding Digital Data Flows: Fundamentals of Online Advertising

$250-$350 March 25 @ 1:00pm - 3:00pm


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About This Event

This session will explore the evolution of the online advertising ecosystem and a variety of related topics, including basic ad delivery and reporting, online and mobile platforms and data flows, real-time bidding (RTB), and analytics, as well as an overview of the current discussions on the future of ad tech.

Participants will gain an understanding of: 

– The basics of online advertising and its evolution over time, including how browsers work; the flow of data between websites, ad tech providers, and intermediaries; and the terminology;

– The intricacies of programmatic advertising, including real-time bidding (RTB), and the interplay between the various participants in the ecosystem;

– How data from users’ activities across different websites or platforms is used for targeted advertising; and

– Challenges affecting the future of online advertising, including deprecation of third-party cookies, platform requirements for tracking in mobile apps, and key laws and regulations that guide the ad tech sector.

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Christy Harris

Director of Technology and Privacy Research

Christy leads internal research and public policy efforts on issues of data privacy and online advertising, mobile apps, and platforms. Christy advised on AOL’s global advertising and marketing practices during her tenure at the company. Read her full bio.

Dr. Rob van Eijk

Managing Director for Europe

Rob manages FPF’s European operations, and manages relationships with stakeholders in industry, government, academia, and civil society. Rob holds a PhD in programmatic advertising and was a senior technologist with the Dutch Data Protection Authority. Read his full bio.