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As public awareness of targeted and personalized advertising grows, organizations are pushed to deliver more helpful, relevant ads by less intrusive means.  In order to encourage companies to further develop innovative means of communicating with their users about the use of data for ads, The Future of Privacy Forum curates a gallery of leading practices and an up-to-date analysis of information technologies.  FPF hopes that these practices will inform and reform industry standards.  FPF applauds the companies that are leading the way and encourages other organizations to follow in their wake.

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FTC Settles with Major Ad Platform for Deceptive Location Tracking via Wi-Fi
Cross-Device: Understanding the State of State Management
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October 27, 2015 | Stacey Gray

Cross-Device: Understanding the State of State Management

On Friday, October 16, the Future of Privacy Forum filed comments with the FTC in advance of the FTC’s Cross Device Workshop on Nov. 16, 2015. Jules Polonetsky and Stacey Gray have prepared a report, Cross-Device: Understanding the State of State Management, based on revisions to FPF’s comments filed with the FTC on October 16th, that aims to describe […]

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