Privacy Tech Alliance

The Future of Privacy Forum and the Israel Tech Policy Institute launched the Privacy Tech Alliance to promote the market for privacy-protective technologies internationally, facilitate the development of new technologies, and maximize value for innovators and investors. View the event details.

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The Privacy Tech Alliance brings together innovators and academics in the privacy space with companies and government agencies that need solutions and investors who see the potential upside. Startups and academic researchers are joining leading Chief Privacy Officers (CPOs) and venture capitalists to:

A recent wave of investments indicates funders see promise in privacy tech. Companies involved with the Privacy Tech Alliance in the U.S., EU, and Israel provide privacy program management solutions and privacy-enhancing technology tools, including de-identification, secure communications, homomorphic encryption, active monitoring, and data mapping and discovery. Read more in the Privacy Tech Digest, a publication of the Privacy Tech Alliance.

Advisory Board
Below are companies on the Privacy Tech Alliance Advisory Board. To learn more about the Privacy Tech Alliance or how to become a member, please contact [email protected].

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