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Daniel Berrick is AI Policy Counsel at the Future of Privacy Forum. His work involves analyzing complex consumer and commercial privacy law and policy issues, including sector- and technology-specific areas such as immersive technologies, open banking, and biometrics. In this role, Daniel collaborates with industry, peers and the wider privacy community to identify and develop best practices for data privacy. He received his JD from Duke University School of Law (cum laude), and his BA (magna cum laude) from Hamilton College. Daniel obtained CIPP/US and CIPP/E certifications in recognition of his knowledge of U.S. and EU privacy law.

Author – Selected Work:

Immersive Technologies

  1. Risk Framework for Body-Related Data in Immersive Technologies (co-authored with Jameson Spivack)
  2. Immersive Tech Obscures Reality. AI Will Threaten It – WIRED (op-ed, co-authored with Jameson Spivack)
  3. Old Laws & New Tech: As Courts Wrestle with Tough Questions under US Biometric Laws, Immersive Tech Raises New Challenges (analysis, co-authored with Tatiana Rice and Jameson Spivack)
  4. Understanding Extended Reality Technology & Data Flows: Infographic (co-authored with Jameson Spivack)

Open Banking

  1. FPF Comments on Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s NPRM Regarding Personal Financial Data Rights (co-authored with Zoe Strickland)
  2. Developments in Open Banking, Key Issues from a Global Perspective (report, co-authored with Hunter Dorwart, Lee Matheson, and Dale Rappaneau)

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