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andrew gruen

Andrew Gruen is a consultant and technology executive, supporting pro-social tech development. He is the principal consultant at Working Paper, where he helps clients develop evidence-based solutions to policy and governance issues. Andrew is also a Senior Fellow at the Future of Privacy Forum where he facilitates the National Science Foundation funded Research Coordination Network on Privacy Enhancing Technologies, and a Fellow at George Washington University’s Institute for Data, Democracy and Politics, where he focuses on the implementation of Europe’s new Digital Services Act.

Andrew previously served in multiple product and policy roles at Meta Platforms, including the head of joint planning for research and policy in the Policy Planning org, and head of governance for the company’s US 2020 Election Research Project (which published in Science and Nature). In addition he started the Academic Partnerships team, and was Meta’s representative to the European Digital Media Observatory‘s data sharing working groups. As Chief Communications Officer at Seven Bridges, a firm that develops tools to analyze genomic sequencing data at population scale, he led the company’s marketing, business development, and partnerships, including the company’s participation in the White House’s Cancer Moonshot program, with a particular focus on more creating more accurate, less invasive, genomics-based cancer diagnostics. As a Luce Scholar, Andrew worked in South Korea for the world’s largest citizen journalism organization, OhmyNews.

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