The Brussels Privacy Symposium: Presentations




Selected authors from multiple disciplines including law, computer science, statistics, engineering, social science, ethics and business presented papers at this full-day program in Brussels on November 8, 2016. See the presentations below.

Differential Privacy: What, Why and When
Author: Moni Naor

Practical Approaches to Big Data Privacy Over Time
Authors: Micah Altman, Alexandra Wood, David R. O’Brien and Urs Gasser

The Anonymisation Decision-making Framework
Authors: Elaine Mackey, Mark Elliot, Kieron O’Hara

Preserving the Utility of Data and Privacy of Individuals 
Author: Claus D. Ulmer

The Two Dimensions of Data Privacy Measures
Authors: Orit Levin and Javier Salido

The Seven States of Data: When is Pseudonymous Data Not Personal Information ?
Authors: Khaled El Emam, Eloise Gratton, Jules Polonetsky, Luk Arbuckle

Testing the robustness of anonymization techniques: acceptable versus unacceptable inferences
Authors: Gergely Acs, Claude Castelluccia, Daniel Le Metayer

Why a Systems-Science Perspective is Needed to Better Inform Data Privacy De-identification Public Policy, Regulation and Law
Author: Daniel C. Barth-Jones

Competition and Data Protection Policies in the Era of Big Data: Privacy Guarantees as Policy Tools
Author: Dr. Nicola Jentzsch

The new General – Is there sufficient pay-off for taking the trouble to anonymize or pseudonymize data ?
Author: Waltraut Kotschy

Viewing the GDPR Through a De-Identification Lens: A Tool for Clarification and Compliance
Author: Mike Hintze