Emily McReynolds

Senior Fellow

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Emily has worked in data protection, machine learning & AI, across academia, civil society, and in the tech industry. At Meta, on the AI Policy team in the Privacy & Data Policy group, she led stakeholder engagement on responsible AI and co-authored documentation projects System Cards Method Cards, and data collection/labeling for AI with Casual Conversations v2. Before Meta at Microsoft, she led end-to-end data strategy from developing a dataset risk framework to the implementation of Responsible AI Standard at Microsoft Research.

During her years as the program director for the University of Washington’s Tech Policy Lab, an interdisciplinary collaboration across the CS, Information, and Law schools, she co-led projects on augmented reality, driverless cars, and Toys That Listen. Emily went to graduate school planning to work on tech policy and previously taught people to use computers back when there were still floppy disks.